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Bruins Can't Overcome Slow Start And Refs. Drop Another In OT


Sorry for the delay getting this up.  I couldn’t even move for the last 30 minutes.  I was just so stunned and heartbroken.  There is just nothing like playoff OT hockey. It’ll rip your lungs right out of your body.  The highs are high and the lows are even lower. They don’t call it sudden death for nothing.  I don’t know how you come out flat in your first home game of the playoffs but that’s exactly what the Bruins did. They were down 3-0 before you could blink. They showed true heart and courage battling all the way back before giving up a power play goal in OT. What happened to letting the boys play in OT? Shame to lose on special teams, but the Bruins have nobody to blame but themselves. It’s playoff hockey. You need to come out with your Cooperalls on fire. The series is far from over, but the B’s need to wake up.