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Melania Trump Nudging Donald To Remind Him To Put His Hand Over His Heart For The National Anthem Is Not A Good Look

Not a great look for Donnie here. Not when you’re Mr. Make America Great Again himself. I’m not really sure how you can be the living embodiment of over-the-top American patriotism and need your Slovenian wife to nudge you to remind you to toss your hand over your heart for the national anthem at the same time. Bad, bad look.

On the other hand, quick reminder here of how brutal it is to be President. Every little movement you make anywhere ever is dissected under the microscope. Half a second late with the hand on the heart? Boom, “Riggs” is on it. Almost as bad as having YP shove a camera in your face 24/7.

Becomes even tougher when it’s the “Not Real Media” constantly on the beat.

No matter how you slice it, tough look for POTUS here. Clean it up Donnie.