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This Security Guard At An EPL Game Barely Touching People Before Letting Them Into A Soccer Match Is Kinda Bad I Guess

Listen, I support the #Mailtime movement as much as anyone in this world. Being able to coast at your job so you can cash that check and get back to enjoying life is what most humans should strive for. But I think there are a few jobs that have to be done with people that are a step or two above that mantra. Doctors, teachers, cops, firemen, military, security, and a few other careers that actually have an important impact in this world instead of being pseudo busy work to make a dollar all qualify. Yeah I bet this guy doesn’t enjoy feeling gross English people up all day in order to make a Euro (or a pound? How does that shit work after Brexit?). But in this world with ISIS fucks driving into crowds and bombing shit all over Europe, I don’t think it’s too much to ask this guy to bring his A-game to the job. Shit, a German soccer team’s bus was literally the target of a bomb last week. People can complain about security and TSA all they want. But I’m all for security taking their time and maybe even getting a little too comfy while searching people in order to ensure no terrorist fuckhead can smuggle a bunch of weapons or explosives into a crowded place. Because this guy is putting about as much effort into his job as Roger Dorn did at the beginning of Major League. Don’t give me that ole’ bullshit, you fucking bloke!

UPDATE: I guess Tottenham has since “took action” against this guy.