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Radio Host Hauls Off And Punches Aries Spears In The Head Like 20 Times

TMZAries Spears took repeated blows to the head from a pissed off host when a heated radio interview turned violent, and TMZ’s obtained the video that was censored from the broadcast.

The incident went down during the ‘Corey Holcomb 5150′ online radio show. One of the co-hosts, Zo Williams, got into it with Aries, and then it got real racial. Aries went off on a jag about “light-skinned n****s” being loud.
That’s when it got physical with Zo throwing the first punch. Actually, he threw all of ‘em.

Sources tell us Zo and his co-hosts were fed up with Spears being rude. In the video, Spears said he was drunk during the show. After the incident he dismissed Zo as a “bitch n***a” … on Twitter.

Little heads up for the Barstool Radio crew. You guys want to shoot those ratings through the roof? Want Sirius to extend our contract for the next decade? Haul off and sucker punch one of your guests in the head and face 20 times. Viral city.

Maybe skip the racial discussion part.  But the haymakers to the dome?  Work that in at some point.  Let them know it’s just as beneficial for them too –    seriously when’s the last time you thought about Aries Spears?  Now the whole internet is talking about him and all it took was a slight concussion and some loose molars.