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Caps vs Leafs Game 2 Liveeee Blog

After a rather lackluster game 1 where the Caps played some of their worst hockey of the year but yet still emerged with the W, they enter today looking to take full control of the series. The good news, of course, is it will be very hard for them to play as poorly as they did in game 1…a game they still won. So if game 2 goes even a tiny bit better, the Caps should have no problem with the Leafs. However, that’s not to sell the Leafs short. They were quick to every loose puck, have solid goaltending, and those young guns up front can put pucks in net. All that being said, I think the Caps come out strong today, Ovi will pot 2, and the Caps will go to Toronto up 2-0 in the series.