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Aaron Hernandez Has Somehow Been Found NOT Guilty Of The Double Murder

I didn’t follow this trial at all because Aaron Hernandez is yesterday’s paper, so I have no idea how the actual arguments went, but I do know Hernandez killed the fuck out of these people.

Gotta be a pretty bitter sweet moment for Hernandez right there. Actually, it’s probably all bitter, right? I mean he just got acquitted of double murder and he’s still being hauled off to jail for life. If you’re gonna go, go all the way you know? Much better to be in jail for life for three murders rather than just one. Street cred and whatnot. Getting acquitted here just makes him really realize that if he wasn’t the worst murderer of all time when it came to Lloyd then he’d be a free man today. As long as he didn’t leave bullet shells by Lloyd’s body, and chewed gum in the rental car, and text about how he was murdering, and destroy his cell phone, and a million other things that scream “I murdered this guy” then Aaron Hernandez would be back at Gillette running route trees in no time.

I guess there’s appeal? But I’d probably breakdown in tears too if I had that “Fuck, I could seriously be free right now” realization while the dumbest jury ever told me I wasn’t guilty.

PS – Shoutout Javier Baez, Hernandez’s lawyer. Same dude who got Casey Anthony off. If you kill someone or multiple people or your baby, call Javy and you’ll be home for dinner.