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Phil Jackson Says The Knicks Haven't Been Able To Win With Melo And Melo Would Be Better Somewhere Else

(Bet you didn’t see a Schefter tweet leading off a blog about the Knicks. Keeping you guys on your toes to end this Friday)

Quotes like that are how you keep any shred of value on an asset! Forget any semblance of higher ground or leverage. Just say there is a Melo fire sale and see which of the 3 or so teams he will accept a trade to will give us their best tire fire contract and maybe a 2nd round pick throw-in. Phil Jackson has got to be the worst chess player of all-time. Actually forget about chess, the Zen Master probably moves his back row within the first five moves of every game of checkers he’s ever played. If you told me he once traded Boardwalk and Park Place for St. Charles Place, I would believe you. I can only imagine what the Knicks haul for Melo will be. But it will be about 1/10th what it could have been two years ago.

And listen, I have been a Melo critic over the last few years and thought we should have traded him for at least the last 18 months. But at the same time, Phil also hasn’t won SHIT since he stepped in as Team President. At least Melo had the one fun season that ended in 6 of the Eastern Conference Semis against the Pacers. Phil was the guy that built the worst team in Knicks history and we’ve had no short of typical Knicks embarrassing moments under him. If I have to hear about how Red Holzman did things one more time, I am going to lose my fucking marbles. Red Holzman didn’t believe in signing players that were shitty, old, washed up, and/or would disappear like a fart in the wind out of the blue. James Dolan is going to hold Knicks fans’ feet to the fire by going through with all 5 years of the Phil Jackson Experience as he promised he would since we complained about Dolan being too reactionary. Except this is clearly when the Knicks need to cut bait the most. Dolan couldn’t have given Donnie Walsh more slack to run the franchise. Nooooo. Bus Boy Phil gets the long leash. All of this playing out in this fashion is so Knicks it makes me kind of sick.

Oh yeah and this tweet makes me want to jump into a pool of cyanide with my mouth open.

You know who took over the Knicks in 2001? You guessed it!

Fuck this franchise.