An 8 Year Old New Zealand Kid Driving With A Goat And His Dad In The Backseat Is Prototypical New Zealand

NZ Herald- Video has emerged of a child driving a car packed with other children – and a goat. The footage, filmed in Whitianga by Auckland’s Gaz Walden, shows several children in a red Ford Falcon with a boy, about 8 years old, at the wheel.

So yesterday Trent blogged about the 8-year-old American kid that drove his 4-year-old sister to McDonald’s after learning how to drive on YouTube. That sentence is so American, you have to wipe away the stars and stripes tears of joy as you read it.

Which is why I love this video so much. Just like the McDonald’s story was pure American, this video is as New Zealand as you get. No way that kid did any research on YouTube or anywhere else. Kid was living life and felt like learning how to drive one day because that’s what badass New Zealanders do. I don’t know if they are more or less crazy than Aussies, but they are both definitely next to each other in the power rankings. Then we have this middle aged man that felt like saddling up in the backseat as a kid that can barely see over the dashboard learned how to drive. I still think this guy is this kid’s dad, but I admit that is my logical American brain thinking. Because there is definitely a better than good chance that this was just some random New Zealander that was walking down the street when the kid said “Hey ya kiwi, ya want to sit in the back and teach me how to drive?” and this guy dropped whatever it is that New Zealanders carry to ride in a car driven by an 8-year-old. Even when the guy gets out of the car, I thought we may have a shouting match or fisticuffs. Instead we walk away with a hilarious “He’s training”, “Point taken” and a smile. All that time being upside down on the globe has definitely made these people unique.

And then we have the goat. The cherry on the top of this video. Americans grow up with dogs and cats, New Zealanders apparently raise goat and sheep. What a wonderful display of how we all aren’t all that different in this crazy world of ours, but it’s the subtle differences that give the spice of life to the world.

And no offense to the animal in the back of the car in this video, but when it comes to young kids driving cars, Latarian Milton will forever be the true GOAT.

h/t Josh