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Protesters Come Out Against The Indians Chief Wahoo Mascot, Naturally A Cleveland Fan Countered With The Ol' Air Jerk


Classic rebuttal. You protesters want to exercise your Constitutional right to assemble peacefully against a cause that you feel is unjust? Fine. Prepare to be doused with a load full of invisible jizz. This is America. It’s only fair.

I’m sorry, but it’s impossible not to laugh at that obviously mature, adult reaction. It doesn’t matter where you stand on the situation on timeless mascots and their racist connotations, they have a right to protest. Conversely, people have a right to protest against the protesters. But screw any sort of rational, meaningful conversations that might lead to amicable action when you can simply hurl insults at one another and conclude with the ol’ air jerk. Shocker the dude rocking the Cowboys windbreaker in Cleveland, Ohio is getting triggered over ‘Three protesters yelling over a caricature’ (his words). That dude needs to calm down over a few pints at the nearest dive while getting a few high school glory days stories off his chest. However, points for the guy who alluded to his cap and blatantly yelled out, “This is racist. Go home!” If you’re gonna own it, own it. That city needs the likes of Jake Taylor, Pedro Cerrano, and Harry Doyle back to mend all fences.

Maybe everyone needs to chill out and visit one of the city’s two buildings or hit up Sushi row. That’ll lift all spirits. Fun times in Cleveland today! CLEVELAND!