Trump Describes Giving Order To Bomb "Iraq" While Eating Chocolate Cake With The Chinese President

Love the showmanship of Trump starting his answer with “you have no idea how many people want to hear this… I’ll tell you.” Just building it up. Setting the stage. If you didn’t want to hear it, now you want to hear it because Trump said everyone wants to hear it. “We’re eating the biggest most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” made me spit out my Natty Light and I wasn’t even drinking any. Guy exclusively describes shit as “big, beautiful” — from the Trump wall to the words he uses to the chocolate cake he’s eating with the Chinese leader while bombing Syria.

Pretty funny that he said Iraq not Syria but whatever. Playas fuck up. It’s all just “over there” to Trump and it always will be. World War III is starting “over there” and Trump’s dealing with it while pounding the biggest most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen.