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Bill O'Reilly Laughs At United Passenger Getting Dragged Off The Plane

I want to rag on O’Reilly here because he’s an (alleged) sexual harassment enthusiast but honestly I think this was everybody’s initial reaction. At first, seeing this dude dragged through the aisle with his belly jiggling around is funny. It’s just funny. You don’t choose what you laugh at and when I first saw it I laughed. Sue me (or United, for millions, which he will). Just a bad visual and as someone who’s fallen victim to a bad visual or two or 500 I get it. Bad visuals happen, but you don’t choose what you laugh at.

Then when you see his bloodied nose and beaten face you change your tune immediately. When you realize this dude could have EASILY been any one of us you damn near want to cry for the guy. All he did was get on a plane, get told to get off, say no, then get beaten to a pulp and dragged like a rag doll for all the world to see. Unfair!

Bad look for O’Reilly to be laughing (especially when he’s being painted as a very shitty person) but also kind of a reaction I think we all had?