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Ryan Phillippe Wants Everyone To Know He Is NOT Dating Katy Perry

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Ryan Phillippe going Danny Boy Cane on us. AT NO POINT was he dating Katy Perry. Its GARBAGE and its RUBISH and its NOT TRUE.

Imagine if your biggest stress in life was waking up to find out that there was a rumor you were fucking Katy Perry? Thats the type of rumor people would fucking KILL FOR. I’d fucking love people to spread a rumor that I banged Katy Perry. Hell, I’d take a rumor that I’ve seen her boobs. But poor Ryan Phillippe has already got a kid with the SUPER hot and slutty chick from Pitch Perfect:


And this is his other, more current, ex Paulina Slatger:

GettyImages-460652966The PEOPLE Magazine Awards - Arrivals

And he also smashed Reese Witherspoon for years and probably Sarah Michelle Gellar and everyone else on set of Cruel Intentions. And so Ryan Phillippe doesnt need rumors about sleeping with hot girls. All that means is loud helicopters over his house and that gets in the way of the actual girls he is having sex with.

All that being said, 100% chance they smash now, right? Why would a single Katy Perry and a single Ryan Phillippe not fuck? Thats what being rich and famous and carefree is all about. They both have to be thinking “I mean, why not?” right? Celebrity life is like Octagon Bob life. The question is always, Why Not.