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The Seahawks Are Selling This "Beast" Burger At Their Games. The Marshawn Lynch Inspired Burger With A Side Of Skittles





(Source) The last time the Saints rolled into Seattle for a playoff game, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch literally made the earth shake. No telling if he’ll do it again, but chefs from Delaware North (a food service provider) and the folks at CenturyLink Field are trying to inspire him with a massive Beast Burger. ‘The Beast,’ as it is aptly named, features two pieces of bacon, two slices of cheddar cheese, two hamburger patties, “several slices of ham,” onion rings, lettuce, tomato and red onion. It comes with a side of fries and, of course, a side of Skittles. It is magnificent and it will probably make more than just the earth move.



Well I’m in. I feel like the Seahawks are marketing directly towards me at this point. Fat guys who like candy, which I guess is probably a lot of Americans, but this just feels personal. My only question is this. Is this burger actually sold in the stadium? I can’t believe that. I mean maybe in the rich people seats. Whatever Seattle’s version of the Cadillac Club is, where people go to a catered lunch with a football game in the background, but I can’t imagine you can pop out of section 327 and grab a gourmet Bacon burger with ham and onion rings. Then again it is Seattle, which in my tiny stereotyping brain is just a bunch of hipsters walking around listening to Nirvana sipping lattes and telling everyone how their football games are actually earthquakes and that they like the rain because it makes them super introspective. Think I nailed them on that one.




This is the timelapse for the Seahulk. Makes the whole thing seem a bit excessive no? Call me old fashioned but I’d rather spend the 4 hours before kickoff drinking in the parking lot than having my best bro paint my half naked body in a garage.