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Real Life Mowgli Found In India: Young Girl Was Living In The Forest With Monkeys


LUCKNOW, India — Indian police are reviewing reports of missing children to try to identify a girl who was found living in a forest with a group of monkeys.

The girl, believed to be 10 to 12 years old, was unable to speak, was wearing no clothes and was emaciated when she was discovered in January and taken to a hospital in Bahraich, a town in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India.

She behaved like an animal, running on her arms and legs and eating food off the floor with her mouth, said D.K. Singh, chief medical superintendent of the government-run hospital.

After treatment, she has begun walking normally and eating with her hands.

Now it’s like this, Little Britches. This kind of story is amazing. I need to see a full documentary on this little girl. I’ve always been a huge jungle book fan but wondered how it would play out in real life. You see videos on the internet of monkeys and apes acting kind to humans like this one. I’d let that ape raise my kids in a pinch. Why not? Seems harmless.

But deep down inside I know that King Louie isn’t to be trusted so I’m kinda torn.

I’m just glad that this little girl is going to be raised by actual humans now. Seeing her progress unfold is going to be fascinating. She isnt walking around like an animal and is using her hands to eat properly. Hopefully she gets adopted and finds some parents who love her not matter what. Because, regardless of where you are from, that is simply one of life’s ::::takes of sunglasses and stares directly into the camera::: bare necessities.