New York Times "Accidentally" Refers To Ivanka As Donald's Wife

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NY Times

Haaaaaa. Nice little Freudian slip from the old unbiased New York Times. You can almost hear the sarcasm in that correction. “His wife is Melania.” LOL. Dripping with scorn. In case you don’t pick up on subtext, what that sentence really says is:

Trump has an outrageously smoky wife, and his daughter is also very hot (although more of like a dignified, intelligent beauty. More reserved. She doesn’t flaunt it as much. Kinda seems cool actually. Rides coach on JetBlue flights because the legroom is more than adequate. Anyway, she’s hot.) Given that they are both hot, that they both have Eastern European (subtext: Russian) names, and given that Trump has made some questionable statements about dating his daughter, we accidentally referred to Ivanka as his wife! Whoopsies!!!!! ¯\_(?)_/¯

I love the war between Trump and the New York Times. He basically calls them fake news and they have to report it. They have to report every single thing he says because that’s the only way they’ll stay in business. Imagine if someone bullied the shit out of you every single day, and your job was to write and print the insults. It would be tough to stay neutral. The result is the occasional “misprint” insinuating that Trump’s marriage is a sham, and that he harbors incestuous desires for his daughter. Clever!