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Why The Luol Deng Trade Is Nothing But Good News For The Bulls (In The Long Term)


Puffy Vest is the best way to look in shape.


So with a night to digest this trade let’s break it down quickly. I feel like there are still a lot of people that are down on this. It’s all good, this is what rebuilding quickly looks like, this is what the Bulls needed to do.


So let’s roll


1. Deng



This part sucks. Deng has spent his entire career with the Bulls, 10 years and 4th all time in points scored (Jordan, Pippen, and Bob Love being the 3 in front of him). He has always been the consummate pro and teammate. A guy that played hard every single night, always the most in minutes, always defending the other team’s best player, all time great Chicago Bull. But the team could not afford to let him walk in free agency for nothing. You just can’t let that happen when you’re trying to retool. It sucks to lose Deng, but he was gone after this year, remember that. Would you take 50 cents for a dollar today or rather me just take the dollar in May without giving you anything back?



2. Andrew Bynum


Lot of people saying the can’t believe the Bulls traded for Bynum. They didn’t. They traded for a piece of paper with Andrew Bynum’s name on it. I doubt Bynum even comes to Chicago. Won’t even get a chance to hit on any of the coach’s wives. He will be cut by 4 pm today because at 4 his contract becomes guaranteed. Getting Bynum and cutting him gets the Bulls under the Cap, saving them from the Luxury Tax. Now none of us are fans of the “front office”, I don’t give a fuck about millionaires saving money, we’re fans of the team and the players on the court. But if this gives the Bulls flexibility and more money to spend this summer I’m in favor of it. Yes the Bulls tend to be on the cheap side, but I honestly think they’ll spend this summer.





3. Draft Picks

They suck, don’t expect much from them. 1 pick from the Kings, top 10 protected for the next two years and then it turns into a second round pick, which essentially means it’s a second round pick unless by some miracle the Kings make the playoffs next year. In addition to that they got 2 second round picks from the Cavs. So that’s 3 second round picks. Not great, but see point 1, that’s 3 more picks than they would have had if they let Deng walk. Maybe you hit on 1 out of 3, maybe you get a good role player, or rebuild the bench. Maybe they turn into something, maybe they turn into absolutely nothing, but I’d rather have 3 picks than no picks. That’s a math lesson right there.



4. Tanking

We all know that Thibs won’t let this team quit. Whether it be adjusting the lineup, playing the starters less, or flat out sitting guys, he won’t do it. That’s not who he is. But, with Deng gone, the 2013-14 Bulls are worse. They just took the keys out of Thibs hands. He can play everyone now and the Bulls may not make the playoffs, which is exactly what needs to happen.



5. Offseason

The Bulls are under the cap, they will amnesty Boozer and put themselves in a position to sign a big Free Agent this offseason. Melo? (I hope not) Dirk? (if he signs for a lot less). Lebron? (My head would explode). The point is it doesn’t matter who the Bulls do or don’t get, they are at least now a player. This is how you retool instead of rebuild. Get in the lottery, get draft picks, shed salary, sign a free agent, and get D-Rose healthy. Last piece is obviously the one we all continue to hold our breath on.



The point is this. It’s all good, nothing is bad, here is Jimmy Butler dancing to Taylor Swift over the weekend.