Francesa Hangs Up On WFAN Caller For Calling Him "Michael" Too Many Times

I’m the biggest hater on this here planet so its rare that I can really, truly pinpoint one of my most hated pet peeves. But when WFAN callers call Mike Francesa “Michael” it drives me fucking INSANE. Its always older people who want to act like they’re friends with Mike or something. Its a weird way of treating him with some bizarre respect while also trying to sounds like they know him personally. “Michael…I’m about the same age as you…so let me ask you…” blah blah shut the fuckkkk up. And usually because they’re old and weird their calls suck.

This guy was the perfect example. Calling in about the WBC and how guys arent patriotic enough and questioning people’s commitment to America because of a baseball tournament…all while saying “Michael” SIXTEEN TIMES. I counted 16 fucking “Michael’s” in a 2 minute span. Thats simply outrageous. “Nooooo Michael Nooooo” kill yourself dude.

And I love Francesa going Pulp Fiction this fucker. “Say Michael again…SAY MICHAEL AGAIN.” *Handwave* goodbye.