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Some Dude And His Smoke Girlfriend Get Paid Up To $9,000 To Post Instagrams In Amazing Places Across The Globe

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Business Insider

At only 26 and 24 respectively, Jack Morris and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen are Instagram sensations.
The young couple live an incredible life travelling the world, while earning six-figure salaries promoting brands and locations through their photo feeds.

Between them they have racked up more than three million Instagram followers under the names of their successful travel blogs — Morris, who is originally from Manchester, is behind the blog Do You Travel, while Australian-born Bullen writes Gypsea Lust.

The loved-up duo, who celebrated their one-year anniversary two weeks ago, met in Fiji while working together on a job. They now live in Bali, Indonesia.

Morris told Cosmopolitan he once earned $9,000 (£7,200) for a single post on Instagram, while Bullen has received $7,500 (£6,000) for one photo. Morris added that he won’t post for less than $3,000 (£2,400).

I picked the wrong career path. We all did. This dude Jack Morris didn’t go to college and instead started backpacking around the world. He didn’t have a place to live for four years, and instead was traveling. I graduated from college and went right into miserable cold calling just to make some cash out of school. Fuck this guy. He meets this smoke Lauren while in Fiji and now they get paid to go to the most amazing places on Earth to take an Insta to promote brands. I can’t even get a match on Bumble to save my life (I swear the app is broken). They also won’t take a picture for cheaper than $3,000 and have been paid upwards of $9,000 for one. FOR A GODDAMN PICTURE.

Today I climbed a tree to pretend to grab a coconut. Life must suck…

The part that rattles my brain is I bet they really don’t spend their money. They probably don’t even drink, gamble, watch TV, or do drugs. Their airfare is definitely all covered by the companies that they’re advertising for, as are their living situations as they travel. They just rack up all this cash and have it sit in the bank. They live in Bali, Indonesia. Live look at what life in Bali, Indonesia looks like. Looks like a shitty time to me right?

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Jack Morris just gets to smash his smoke girlfriend while traveling the world to take instas in beautiful locations. Jack Morris. I cheers to you for absolutely taking advantage of the way society works these days, but I hate you out of pure jealousy.

Here’s what Jack Morris gets to wake up to everyday…

It’s Jack Morris’s world, we’re just living in it.