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This May Be An Unpopular Opinion But I'm Just Going To Say It...College Basketball Refs Stink.

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This is such a dumb blog to write. I probably wouldn’t even read it if I were you. Complaining about college basketball referees – like yelling at the clouds. Everyone agrees, there are no counterpoints so there’s no room for any debate, it’s basically just stating an obvious fact for the sake of stating it. Boring. But as someone with a platform that some people read I just have to put it in writing. What’s that saying? Be the change you want to see in the world. Well I want to see college basketball be refereed competently. I want to watch D1 hoops players go head to head in the most competitive games of their lives and actually watch them play. I don’t want you to swallow your whistle and “just let the players decide it,” I want you to use your whistle when an actual foul happens that affects a shot and has an effect on the game. I want you to not use your whistle on meaningless hand checks, touches to the small back, or any other pointless garbage that puts both teams in the bonus with 15 minutes to play. I want you to not call basic spin moves travels, not call a foul on a guy who got flagrantly fouled, and to blow the ball dead when the player 5 inches in front of your face is 9 feet out of bounds. Maybe I am asking too much. Maybe I need to be more realistic. Maybe they’ll never hire these guys full time and give them more training and have former players and coaches consult with them to make some adjustments on how games are called. Maybe the NCAA isn’t pulling in enough profit despite billions of dollars in revenue off unpaid labor to institute something this extreme. But these are the things I want.

The refs ruined March Madness and that was my blog about it.