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If You Can't Find A Wife Then Just Build A Robot Wife And Marry Her Like This Guy Did

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Mashable- A 31-year-old AI engineer has married one of his robot creations. Zheng Jiajia, who used to work for Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, held an informal wedding ceremony for himself and his robot wife in Hangzhou, local papers report. The robot, named Yingying, is able to speak in simple sentences in response to audio prompts, and visually recognise Chinese characters and images. At Huawei, where Zheng worked for three years, he founded a unit specialising in AI and robotics. Zheng now runs a startup called Brain of Things (?????) in Hangzhou’s incubator village, Dream Town, where he’s given Yingying a job as the company spokesperson. Zheng told the local TV station that he has plans to upgrade Yingying to give her the ability to walk and do some household chores. Their wedding ceremony was attended by his mother and friends. The bride’s head was covered in with a red veil, in traditional custom.


We’ve reached a tipping point. I can feel it. In 200 years from now people will look back at this article and think, “This is where the world changed.” Don’t get me wrong, people have been fucking robots for awhile now. That’s not new at all. Guys have been willing to stick their dicks in electronic devices (and literally whatever else) for a solid couple of decades. And when you think about it, vibrators are pretty much like you ripped off a robot’s arm and your girlfriend uses it to do things you never could. But marrying them is something different. It’s time to have philosophical debate. Because those previsouly mentioned people 200 years from now are gonna look back and either say, “Phew, glad they nipped that whole marrying robots thing in the bud” or “Everyone has a robot wife now and it’s not weird at all.” I don’t know which side I’m on. I really might be pro-marrying robots. Mostly because humans have been marrying humans for awhile now and it’s just not working. Think about it. Anyone who is married complains about being married. So fuck it. Let’s roll the dice on getting hitched to a piece of technology. We already pay more attention to our phones than the people around us. Let’s take this mother fucker and crank it all the way up.