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PGA Tour Instagram Asked How Bubba Watson Will Finish At The Masters And The Comments Were NOT Good

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I’ll be honest, I didn’t think Bubba was this universally disliked. I just thought the hate was one of those things that just comes from our little corner of the internet. I thought we were the only ones that were truly woke enough to hate Bubba. But nope, PGA Tour simply asks how he’ll finish and hundreds and hundreds of comments flood in just shitting on him. Love that the Tour’s Insta followers — the widest collection of golf folks there is — despise him as much as we do. Makes me feel good. Helps me sleep at night. Maybe don’t be a whiny asshole and the entire golf world won’t dislike you. Just an idea.

PS — Has anyone done a bigger PR 180 than Bubba? Dude was AWESOME when he was kind of an unknown, non-Masters winner hitting wild drives and making occasional funny comments. The entire world was pulling for him in 2012. Then he becomes famous, and turns out he sucks.

Wins Masters, gets exposed as asshole. What a world.