The Patriots Didn't Care About Gronk's WrestleMania Cameo And You Shouldn't Either

(PFT) As the saying goes, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. It’s still smart in certain cases to get permission. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski obtained permission from the team before climbing into the ring, assuming a three-point stance, and blasting a fake-sport participants with a very real shoulder blow at WrestleMania 33. Specifically, the situation was discussed with the team in advance, and the team did not object.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there will be some “takes” regarding this today. It’s a bold prediction, I know, but I think there may be some fury regarding this move coming from the take artists at Sports Hub and talk radio callers. To that I have one very clear message: shut the fuckkkkkkk up. Rob Gronkowski took three steps then bumped shoulders with a guy. He plays professional football and probably greets his friends with greater enthusiasm than this, just because it’s on video doesn’t make it more dangerous (despite what Roger Goodell may think). Yes, Gronk gets hurt a lot. No, that doesn’t mean he should live in a room with padded walls whenever he’s not on a football field. It’s a nice dream, sure, but it’s not realistic. People getting worked up like this will make him more prone to injury are fools. He gets hurt when professional athletes hit him at full speed when he’s in a vulnerable position, not when he bumps shoulders with a guy.

If you were upset about it at all, Bill Belichick wasn’t. I’m sure it was a nerve-wracking conversation, like asking your parents if you could sleep out to go to a party in high school, but every second of my life I just remind myself that Bill Belichick is smarter than me and has never, ever made an incorrect call. If Bill says Gronk can jump in the WrestleMania ring then Gronk can jump in the WrestleMania ring. Some people (*cough* Felger and Mazz *cough*) have made a living off second-guessing Bill, so they’ll continue to do that, but once again, as always, they’ll be proven wrong. Gronk bumped shoulders, an act that’s killed exactly zero people, he didn’t go swimming with sharks or jump out of a plane on an ATV. He’s fine, he’ll be ready for the season, take a deep breath and get the fuck over it.

PS – Why did it take so long for the WWE to bring up Mojo? I thought Vince was good at business? This is getting them more press than Undertaker’s retirement, a Hardy Boyz reunion, and John Cena’s engagement combined.