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Justin Trudeau Is Ready To Drop The Gloves With Chandler Bing After He Bullied Him In The 5th Grade

A couple of weeks ago Matthew Perry admitted to beating up Justin Trudeau back in their younger days at Elementary school up North with Todd & Gordo. Bullying the son of the Prime Minister showed Balls I didn’t know Chandler had and I figured Trudeau must have been a tad on the fence if he let Chandler Bing bully him.

Well, Trudeau has proved me wrong with challenging Matthew Perry to a schoolyard brawl. The Prime Minister of Canada is not taking this shit anymore. I guess this is what happens when a bunch of Canadian hockey teams make the playoffs- their prime minister grows a pair of balls and readies to fight his age-old demons against Monica Gellar’s husband. The whole country is now preparing for a showdown of their 2 native sons to keep their anticipation of a Canadiens/Oilers Stanley Cup Final at bay.

There’s really no cons here for Trudeau either. It’s just about as risk-free as giving your money to Stratton Oakmont in the 90’s.  First off, I’m pretty sure there’s a better chance of a 2nd Entourage movie being made than Matthew Perry taking out Trudeau in hand-on-hand combat. Trudeau is younger, a boxer, in a lot better shape, has recently dealt with Trump in person, and isn’t currently starring in an Odd Couple remake. Not to mention he exuded a hell of a lot of dominance by referring to him solely as Chandler Bing as opposed to Matthew Perry.

It must be just the worst feeling to be called Chandler Bing from Friends, or Angelina from the Jersey Shore, or Vince from Entourage. I’d personally rather just be called the guy from that show with the 6 people sitting around drinking coffee. I’m sure it sounds a hell of a lot worse coming from the most powerful dude in your country/person you used to bully who is now more successful than you.

As much as I love him, Chandler Bing better give this man a shot at redemption. It’s only right.