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A Chimpanzee Sniping A Grandma In The Face With Poop May Be My Favorite Video Of 2017

I have to admit that I’m not really a big poop or fart joke guy. But when those jokes land, they land BIG time. I’ve watched this video at least 20 times and laughed hard at it every single time. It’s just a perfect storm of characters and consequences. First we have the monkey that shits like Chaps, catches like Odell Beckham, and snipes from long distance like Chris Kyle. Pinpoint control like Greg Maddux in his prime. Next up we have a family that plopped poor Nana smack in the middle of the unwritten Poop Splash Zone that every open air monkey cage in the country has. And then of course grandma who gives one of the all-time internet reaction faces after her nose grew like Pinocchio, except it was monkey shit instead of wood.


Serendipity at its finest, folks.

Now is my bullshit radar up since this absolutely perfect video was uploaded on April 2nd, which happens to be one day after April Fool’s Day? Of course. But making a fake video like this would violate Internet Code on so many levels, I don’t think the person that created this as a hoax would ever see the sun again.

And if you are that grandma, you basically have to cut off your family the minute this video hit the internet right? No way you can still love those people and knit them Christmas presents after they and everyone else in the ENTIRE zoo laughed at you take a monkey shit grenade to the face when you are the trunk of the family tree.