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Bron Bron Just Making Me Puke My Guts Out On A Casual Saturday Morning



I literally couldn’t hate any dude more than I hate this dude.  Everything he does pisses me off.  His constant Instagram stories of him trying to look gangsta while rapping and bobbing his head like an asshole.   Him acting like he’s addicted to the gym.  And now his newest gig.  Going to bat for the 9/5 crowd.  Talking about how he’s not a real leader or hero.  It’s all about Lunch pail Jimmy.  Another long rant about how the world needs more doctors, physicists teachers etc.   SHUT UP DUDE.   You know what we need more of?  Assassins to put a bullet in this guy’s brain.   (metaphorically speaking but seriously of course)   You just can’t be a bigger douchebag than Lebron James.  It’s flat out impossible. Either pick up a broom or shut up.