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Coastal Carolina Cheerleading Team Suspended One Week Before Nationals After An Anonymous Letter Accused Them Of Being Prostitutes

CONWAY, SC (WMBF)The Coastal Carolina University cheerleading team has been suspended indefinitely pending a conduct investigation, according to a statement from a university official.

A cheerleader who spoke on the condition of anonymity said an investigator with the CCU Department of Public Safety came to their practice Wednesday night. The cheerleader said the investigator explained to the team an anonymous letter was mailed to school president David DeCenzo on March 7 alleging that team members were involved in “a long list of things,” including prostitution, purchasing alcohol for underage team members, and paying others to complete their homework assignments.

According to the cheerleader, the team was met by police outside the HTC Center after practice, who called the names of individual team members, and took them to CCU’s police station for questioning. During the questioning, the cheerleader said police searched through their cell pho

nes. She said officers then told them they could leave around 11 p.m., after telling them they did nothing wrong.

The HTC Center confirmed that a cheerleading showcase scheduled for April 4 is no longer on the center’s schedule for the week. The showcase was to be held ahead of the team’s scheduled appearance at a national competition in Florida.

The cheerleader said they were told they will no longer be able to attend the competition in Daytona Beach, Florida. Officials with the competition said the team is still registered and paid in full, and they have not heard the team will not be coming. Team members raised money for their own travel expenses to the competition, and are now upset that they are unable to attend, the cheerleader said.

Am I reading this story wrong, or was the Coastal Carolina cheerleading team suspended because of one letter sent to the school anonymously?  I mean there’s got to be more to it than that right?  One week before a national competition in Florida and all of a sudden a letter shows up in the mailbox saying all the girls were prostitutes and now boom they’re suspended?  That’s the plot of like 45 mean-girl-cheerleading competition themed movies at least.   Bunch of bitchy girls on a rival squad write a letter to the school president saying every cheerleader buys booze and does drugs and cheats on tests and also for good measure whores themselves out.  Only thing is everyone in the audience rolls their eyes because it’s so cliché, guess that doesn’t translate well to real life.

Kind of wild to get a letter like that and put so much faith in it that you just automatically suspend everyone, but like I said, maybe there’s more to it.  Maybe the President that got the letter has personally paid members of the cheerleading team cash money in exchange for sexual favors in the alumni office.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m personally rooting for that to be the case.  A college cheerleading prostitution ring, are you kidding me?  Juiciest blog material ever.  Can’t wait to sink my teeth into a longform breakdown of each girl and her whore potential, just saying I need more than 1 anonymous letter to kick off something like that.