Some Dude Going Into A Random Asian Family's Funeral And Ranting About Asian Churches And Smoking Is A Peculiar Move

Here’s the full thing, starting at 8 minutes:

And some shortened versions of his rant from a different angle:

The guy giving the speech before him uploaded it to YouTube saying:

I tried my best to honor my mother Carol Tan Wong who passed away from stage 4 lung cancer on March 2, 2017. She was not a smoker, not exposed to second hand smoke, and went to the doctors as soon as she had a cough that didn’t look like a regular cold. She was simply unlucky. A bigoted funeral attendee – David Small made an impromptu speech afterwards dishonored her memory when he didn’t even know her and used the platform to make racist comments towards Chinese/Asian people. Incense burning and cigarette smoking are not just practiced by the “Asian” community wouldn’t it be more appropriate to talk about religions rather than ethnicity. My family doesn’t practice incense burning. To be singled out and implored as representatives of the Asian to fix these issues is abhorrent.

To quote Uncle Chaps, I would say that going into anyone’s funeral or wake to lecture them on ANYTHING is “actually bad.” I get you have so many important opinions you want to get off your chest, so many things that are near and dear to you that you think others are dying to hear. But maybe not when they’re grieving for their dead fucking nana you dipshit. And it’s weird because he wasn’t even rude, he was just so entitled to think that they had to sit there and listen to his stupid thoughts simply he wanted to express them. It’s a weird narcissistic move and one that deserved a roundhouse to the jaw. A little tact goes a long way but knowing “hey maybe I shouldn’t soapbox random people mourning the loss of a loved one” is pretty much day one living on Earth and being a sane human being shit.

Also: If we’re being honest, this was just Twitter in real life. Guy going on a rant, no one wants to actually hear it, yet they were all subject to listen to it because you’re all there. Something tells me David Small’s got a Schillingesque zest for memes too, call it a hunch. This dude’s living his best angry internet guy life but iRL, the world’s not ready.