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Barstool Sports Exclusive: Cape Cod Dark Russet Chips Are Back!



Look at Dark Russets coming back wearing the 4-5. It ain’t to play games with you. It’s to see through a limited release if the fan favorite product is a sustainable seller at grocery stores in select northeast states. But that’s neither here nor there. The one black mark against Cape Cod chips were that Dark Russets vanished from stores overnight, almost like the Baltimore Colts when they packed up the Mayflower trucks and escaped to Indianapolis, which ironically after decades led to a Barstool office being created there. Serious Butterfly Effect shit.

Anyway, good work by Cape Cod bringing Dark Russets out of retirement and back onto grocery store shelves right in time for cookout season. Bathing suit season hasn’t been a real thing for me since sometime in elementary school, so I’m not worried about that side of things. And how about that bad break for people in Southern Virginia? Imagine having to drive to Northern Virginia just to get some Dark Russets in your life? Brutal. Then again, I would have made these chips only available to states north of the Mason-Dixon line. #NeverForget.

Oh yeah and Mr. Snack Scooping Darren Rovell, tell me how my ass tastes!


*When a blogger gets your snack scoop causing all the life to drain out of your body and the color to drain from your eyes*



(I miss my Uncle Charles y’all)

Also a quick shout out to my friends #TwitterFam family at the Cape Cod offices for hooking me up with this exclusive scoop. This was my first step into becoming a Capital J Journo. I only said shit once and only asked one person how my ass tastes in the entire blog. A Siena business degree may be just as good as a Northwestern journalism degree after all.