Medics In Colombia Are In A Smidge Of Trouble For Dancing Around An Unconscious Body Before Surgery

Daily Mail- Five medics were fired after an outrageous video showing them mocking a man on a surgery table was leaked online. The group of doctors and nurses can be heard laughing raucously as they danced around the patient at the Santa Cruz de Bocagrande clinic in Bolivar, Colombia. The patient was unconscious and lying completely naked face down awaiting surgery on the operating table. It is believed that a member of the operating team took the footage, which shows nurses and medics in scrubs laughing as they shimmy and dance around the man. The video made its way online and quickly went viral.


And by “smidge” I mean they all got canned immediately. Which is kinda bullshit if you ask me. I don’t know much about Colombia outside of Narcos but I feel like we can’t be shocked that their medical staffs aren’t exactly on the up and up. With that said though, what’s the problem here? What’s the issue? That’s the question everyone should really be asking. Did the guy die as a result of this? No. Did he know it was happening around him? No. Did his body get shown on a cell phone video without his permission? Okay yes so that’s their one misstep. They filmed it. It’s like anything else, don’t film the stupid shit you do and you’ll never get caught. But outside of that they did nothing wrong. Hell, I’d even go as far as to say I want the people who are about to operate on my lifeless body to be happy as possible. It sure beats having some depressed people who are like “Fuck this shit I don’t wanna be hear” moving your vital organs around. I say crank that shit up and have a blast.