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Donald Trump Puts Asses In The Seats... Cable News Channels Are SHATTERING Ratings Records

Business InsiderCable channels clocked their highest ratings in years during the first quarter of 2017 on the heels of increased interest in President Donald Trump’s first months in office.

According to Nielsen Ratings released on Tuesday, Fox News had its highest-rated quarter ever, as shows like “Fox and Friends,” “The O’Reilly Factor,” and “Hannity” posted record-high ratings in the time slots they’ve long dominated.

CNN also had its most-watched first quarter in since the first quarter of 2003, when coverage in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq buoyed the network’s numbers.

And MSNBC registered its largest total audience in a number of key demographics, becoming the fastest-growing cable network and outpacing CNN in total viewers. Host Rachel Maddow finally bested her Fox News competitor in the 9 p.m. timeslot among the coveted 25-to-54 age demographic, while delivering the network’s highest ratings in the timeslot ever.

If there’s one thing you have to give to Donald Trump it’s that he truly is, undeniably, unavoidably, admittedly, a deliverer of asses into seats. You say he lies. You can say he misrepresents facts. You can say his tweets are ridiculous. You cannot say this tweet was anything other than spot on.

Ratings Machine DJT. That guy delivers, and it’s not exclusive to post-election Trump. The presidential debate ratings were through the roof.

Source — The results are in, and 2016 delivered the most viewers of any presidential debate cycle in U.S. TV history. Wednesday’s third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump brought in 71.6 million viewers, making it the third-most-watched debate ever, behind only Clinton-Trump I (84 million) and Jimmy Carter-Ronald Reagan on Oct. 28, 1980 (80.6 million).

Primary debates, same deal.

Source — The first Republican debate in August, when 10 candidates took the main stage in Cleveland in prime time after a forum among the remaining seven, drew a whopping 24 million viewers.

It’s the reason he is where he is. It’s why, while much of the country was and is stunned at the reality of a President Trump, he’s powered through. It’s why he’s proved impervious to controversy — he REALLY is Ratings Machine DJT. He’s fascinating. He’s funny. He’s outrageous. He’s politically incorrect. He puts asses in the seats at unprecedented rates and everyone knows it. Candidates claw tooth and nail for “free advertising” aka having news channels rerun shit about them. He mastered that decades ago and brought it in droves to the presidential election. Smashed it out of the park. Is all that gets replayed about him good? Bad? Controversial? Funny? Weird? Insensitive? Grabbing chicks by the pussy? Literally doesn’t matter — people tune in for the Donald and when you’ve got people tuning in, you’ve got a chance. You’re alive.

Trump delivers ratings. He always has. He knows it. That’s a gigantic advantage, and the exact reason I still think — despite the fact that his approval rating is 36%, below the career-lows of both Obama and Clinton — he’s got a shot in 2020. Yes, he may be impeached next week… or he may win reelection in 4 years. That’s Donnie. That’s what can happen when you’re Ratings Machine DJT… anything.