Kim Jong Un Says Fuck The Haters And All The Poor People Starving To Death, Invents Skiing








(Source) Kim Jong-un, the ruler of North Korea, has spent New Year’s Eve inspecting his country’s first ski resort – and declared that the infrastructure was “impeccable”. The baby-faced dictator took a test ride on a ski lift at the Masik Pass Ski Resort, which he said during a visit two weeks ago was “at the centre of the world’s attention”. Opening the country’s first ski resort was a priority for Swiss-educated Mr Kim, who had ordered that the resort be “world class.” Despite the brutal poverty in which many of his citizens live, Mr Kim noted “with great satisfaction” that everything was “impeccable” and gave instructions to serve the people well so that visitors may “keenly feel the loving care of the party”. The Masik Pass Ski Resort made headlines in August when Switzerland blocked a £4.6 million sale of ski lifts to Pyongyang, calling it a “propaganda project” for the impoverished Stalinist regime.


There ya go Kim. Way to bounce back. Lot of bad publicity as of late, you know the whole killing your uncle when you were black out drunk, and sending threatening faxes that probably will never be received because not a single person on earth owns a fax machine. All of that doesn’t mean shit when you just invented skiing. And yeah maybe its not actually skiing, because I searched everywhere on the internet and there isn’t one single picture of you wearing skis but who cares though? You invented riding a ski lift to the top of a mountain and looking around at stuff that has to count for something right?


Ski Lift gangsta