A Really Clean Video From A 1939 Football Game Looks Absolutely Bizarre

Watching this and then watching a highlight of the current NFL would make you believe that this isn’t the same sport. The changes that humans have gone through in the last 70-80 years are incredible. You throw this year’s top prospect in Myles Garrett out there and he’s 90lbs bigger than everyone and faster by a long shot. Hell, a few of us in the office might be pro-athletes, besides Pat, if we were able to transform back to 1939. In my prime, I could have been a really dope 3-techneque in the pre-World War II pro football league. Probably a Hall of Famer if I had to guess.

There’s no denying that some of the 1939 Detroit Lions could scoot. The quarterback, number 37, has a quick burst to the outside and he might give me some issues in the open field. He was shifty and could cross me up if I wasn’t careful. I’d also be on the look out for the running back, number 9, if he got separation. If 37 reads me blowing by the guard, which would be easy with his hand technique and punch being so terrible, and the end doesnt keep contain, I’d be on Not Top 10 for weeks. They’d give me the ole rope-a-dope. They’d use my zeal against me and I’d have to know that and maintain my field discipline. It’s about doing my job and not being a star. It’d be tough but I could do it.