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Is Trump Afraid Of Stairs? A CNN Exclusive


So at first I saw this screen grab and was ready to launch into CNN. Their coverage has been so damn skewed since Trump started pointing at them, screaming “FAKE NEWS!” and calling them garbage. It’s been an understandable reaction but blatantly skewed — Trump hates them and they hate him and think he’s a liar, so they don’t cover him very nicely.

I thought this was another example of that. At first. But then I saw the segment and honestly I think there’s a chance they’re onto something. I’m torn on whether this is complete CNN fake news garbage or if Trump is genuinely afraid of stairs.

Sign of the fear? Been lashing out at how Obama dominates stairs for years.

Such an afraid of stairs guy move. Someone just FLYING down flights of stairs like they’re not even there is going to piss you off. “Going down stairs without fear is unpresidential. Do not fall!” would be my response too if I were an afraid of stairs guy.

You know what’s not a sign? This little line from The Sun’s original January article on Trump’s possible bathmophobia.

The President’s phobia means he refuses to visit one close aide’s office in the White House because it’s up a flight of stairs from the Oval Office.

Folks that’s not a fear of stairs that’s just a normal “fuck going upstairs” human reaction. You’re the president — you don’t go UP flights of stairs to people; they come down flights of stairs to you. Using this to prove Trump’s bathmophobia is like saying someone who parks as close as possible to the mall entrance is afraid of parking lots. No they just don’t want to spend all day walking across parking lots. Not a phobia just human existence 101.

In conclusion, I’d believe it either way. Tiny hands, fear of stairs? Can’t pinpoint it but those definitely go together I’ll say that.

PS — Hey Hil, boom roasted.

PPS — Hey Hil, boom roasted again.