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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher



TexasA Lockhart High School science teacher is charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

The Lockhart Police Department says 27-year-old Sarah Fowlkes was “engaged in sexual contact” with a 17-year-old male student. Investigators started looking into the complaint on March 10, when they received a report from a school administrator regarding the potential inappropriate relationship. …

According to her work page (that has since been taken down), Fowlkes taught Anatomy and Physiology and Environmental Systems. She said prior to teaching at Lockhart High, she was a teacher at Plum Creek Elementary.

Counselors will be available at the school in case any students need someone to talk to.

Well, here’s something new. Grief counselors for Teacher Sex Scandals. And it’s long overdue. Sometimes you can read the reports. You can watch the local news clips. And you can read the GtNSST blogs (which I certainly hope you do; those pageviews won’t click themselves and my family has to eat). You can listen to the rumors that fly around the school campus. But sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes to fully experience a hot teacher coming after a student in order to satisfy her lady boner, you need to hear the story told from a licensed social worker. I know I sure could. If any of the Lockhart High counselors could please call, text, Tweet or DM me, I’ve got a million questions.

The Grades:
Looks: Even with nothing more to go on than this head shot and this booking photo for the ages, this is the easiest grade I’ll give all year. Sarah is like a cross between Adrianne Palicki and a young Claire Dunphy. Combining the best of each and with a pretty spectacular rack.
Grade: A

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: Here’s where it gets tough. This article I excerpted is one of about 15 I searched through looking for something to present to you. Because I love SST readers and want you to be happy. And the news reports are all the same. Inappropriate relations. Sexual contact. 17. School sent out an email to parents expressing their blah blah blah. I’ll keep checking for more details and in order to give our girl extra credit. But for now I can’t in good conscience give it much more than a
Grade: C-

Intangibles: Nothing will get that MC/BJ grade up faster than being an Anatomy and Physiology teacher. Unless it’s formerly teaching at Plum.
Grade: B+

Overall: B. I’m not going to lie to you. This B is all about the looks. Sometimes pure talent just needs to be rewarded and I want this smokeshow in play come All Star time. I’m rooting for you, Sarah. Let’s GOOOOOO!

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