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March Madness Featuring 4 Overtime College Lacrosse Game Winners


Last week I wrote a blog titled “Did College Lacrosse Just Cuck March Madness? I Don’t Know. You Tell Me“. It received stellar reviews. Predominantly people telling me what a great blogger I am and how they feel like they’re stealing for being able to read my #content for free. However, the post was mostly written in jest. I realize that March Madness (the basketball kind) is a rather large deal in the sporting community. So I knew that college lacrosse couldn’t overtake such an event. But after yesterday? Well maybe there was some truth behind that jest because there were 4 overtime games in division 1 lacrosse and we’ll start off with my favorite out of the bunch. Ryder Garsney, aka The Maestro, getting #2 Notre Dame a huge bounce back win in the ACC against Virginia. Not only was the goal vintage Garnsey, but the celly was A1 as well.

That’s a kid who knows how to finish in style. A kid who knows that when the game is on the line, it’s his number that’s going to be called. He’s had to have had this one planned out for a while. Just knowing that as soon as a game goes into overtime, he’ll be the one to end it and he better damn well have a beauty celly in the bag to pull out. Kid didn’t disappoint. That’s a Tewaaraton celebration if I’ve ever seen one.

Next on deck we’ll go to the overtime game winner that won’t exactly send shockwaves through the lacrosse community but it was still what March Madness is all about. Monmouth over Quinnipiac in double OT.

2 huuuuuuuuge saves by the keep down in the other end. Fastbreak the other way. Transition offense on 100. Dish it off to the point man, bombs away and drop the mic.


Next on deck we had the biggest game of the weekend need some extra time. Syracuse vs Hopkins at Homewood. You can check out the preview of that game from the College Lacrosse Weekend Preview blog the other day. I said that Syracuse would most likely come out of this game with the win because Sergio Salcido has proven himself to be one of the clutchest players in the nation. Here he is setting up Brendan Bomberry for the win.


Let’s be honest. Did Hopkins have to slide there? No not really. But that’s the kind of attention that Salcido commands out there when he has the ball. As soon as he circles back, he’s dangerous. So he draws the slide out of respect, which leaves Bomberry’s hands free inside, hits him on the money and it’s in the back of the net. Orange win.

Finally, we had the biggest upset of the weekend which capped off a pretty rough weekend for the B1G.

Down goes Maryland! Down goes Maryland! Listen.. I know that yesterday wasn’t exactly the greatest day for Villanova fans with the Wildcats getting bounced by Wisconsin in the tournament. But beating Maryland in overtime AT Maryland has to make up for that at least a little bit. Unranked Nova over a team who many people consider to be a favorite to win the National Championship this year. That’s yuuuuuuuuge. All I’m saying is that maybe Villanova is actually a lacrosse school after all.

P.S. – For anyone who is interested in picks from this weekend, here’s what I went with in the preview blog.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 11.30.11 AM

Richmond won 13-6. Princeton dominated Penn 17-8. As you already saw, Notre Dame got the win in overtime but didn’t cover. And Army took down Holy Cross 10-4. Not a bad little Saturday if you can find a book to take lax bets.