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A Fat Guy Tried To Prove He Could Do A Backflip On Concrete, I Won't Spoil How It Went

I saw this one pop up on my feed from Mediatakeout today with this caption:

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 9.24.46 AM

And given that context and the enormous man attempting the backflip, I figured I was going to watch a man paralyze himself. Maybe a dive backwards and then immediately plunging into the ground with his 300 pound frame like a drill going to the center of the Earth. So to see that he actually nailed the backflip and maybe just broke his leg instead was a major relief. And honestly it was an impressive backflip for a regular sized man, nevermind a dude likely suffering from type 2 diabetes. Even if he did crack his shin in half when big man gravity caught up with him on the landing, going out there and backflipping right in the face of the haters when they said he couldn’t do it had to be as gratifying as the countless trans fats he’ll be eating when laid up for three months. Hell of a way to rise to the occasion.

As far as fat guy leg injuries go, this was way more impressive and a way tougher response than the last one to go viral: