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Check Out This Map Of Where Americans Think Ukraine Is


Listen, I’m not going to sit here and I say I know where the fuck Ukraine is because I don’t.  Not a clue.  Geography wasn’t my strong suit in school.  Nothing was.  I was a horrible student and I was lucky to graduate high school when I was supposed to.  But geography flew right over my head.  And even though Ukraine has been in the news a lot lately but that still doesn’t mean I’m going to know where it is.  Outside of the US, I like to think I have a general idea of where most of the Europoean countries are (even if in reality I really have no idea) but after that I’m pretty much lost.  After Googling where Ukraine is, it looks like most people who were asked have a pretty good idea of where it is.  So that’s good for America.

But there is one part of this map that concerns me greatly and it’s this.

map us

Why are there four dots in the United States?  There shouldn’t be any dots.  Under no circumstances should any American think Ukraine is in the US.  It’s really unexplainable.  Those four people should be forced to go back through every grade again Billy Madison-style.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.  When I was on KFC Radio a while back KFC and Feits said they didn’t know where Iowa is.  I thought they were joking but now I’m not so sure because the Americans who thought Ukraine was somewhere in the midwest had to be somebody from one of the coasts.  Honestly, what do people on the coasts think is in the middle of their country?  Just nothing?  Fields upon fields that have no state line designations?  Well after seeing thing map I know what some people think, they think Ukraine is in the midwest and that’s mind bottling.