Matt Harvey Smooching Adriana Lima Means That The Dark Knight Is Officially BACK!!!

More pictures and video can be viewed here

The Dark Knight returns! I don’t care that he can only reach 92 on the radar gun or that his ERA in Spring Training is somewhere around my weight. Adriana Lima doesn’t lend out those lips to washed up scrubs. Girls can sense when a guy has “it” before any scouts or fans. It’s like when birds disappear before a storm and return when it’s safe. A sixth sense if you may. If Matt Harvey’s mouth is good enough for Adriana Lima’s rebound from Julian Edelman, his right arm will be good enough to compete for the Cy Young with the other 3 Horsemen of Queens. See you at the parade in the Canyon of Heroes on Halloween at 11 am sharp!

(I think I convinced myself that Matt Harvey isn’t broken. If you are a Mets fan, I hope I did the same for you).