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If You Aren't All In On The NattyTour 37 Car Today In The Kobalt 400 Then You Aren't Doing Sunday Right

We went to the track yesterday and I immediately have a new found respect for what these guys do. Watched them get this beauty ready in the garage and it’s incredible the amount of detail and precision they put into every inch of the car. And the car is an absolute BEAUTY. Look at this thing.

Now I think we’re a long shot (500-1) but judging purely off which car looks best it’s a no brainer. You take the 37 car and you take it right now. See everyone at the track, Natty’s for the world when he cashes and we’re in the Victory Circle. Special Tires, Rubbins Racing! (literally the only two things I know about Nascar are two lines from Days of Thunder).