Try To Keep A Straight Face While Watching This Video Of Kid Rock Shooting Foreign-Made Grill In Mid-Air

“I’m an American Badass watch me kick, you can roll with Rock or you can suck my dick!”

I think I love Kid Rock more than anyone else. I’m proud to say I enjoyed his $20 tickets and $4 natty ice’s at his last concert in the Tri-State area. I usually only go to Jersey when I go to a Giants game or drive through it on a journey to Philadelphia for a cheesesteak and I had to venture all the way across the river for that shit. Well worth it. Would recommend a Kid Rock concert to anyone.

Having said that…This is video is peak psycho Kid Rock. Bawitdaba creeping up in the background as the American Badass himself shoots a foreign-made grill out of the air as if he’s playing Duck Hunt. “This is what we think of Made in China” is what should be engraved on Bobby Ritchie’s tombstone.

How about One-Take Bobby as well? Didn’t come anywhere near missing that grill. In your face China. In your face.