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Brandon Marshall Says The Giants Receivers Would Have Never Gone On That Infamous Miami Boat Trip If He Was On The Team


NYDN- Brandon Marshall said Thursday morning that he would have been “against” the Giants receivers’ party trip to Miami prior to their 38-13 blowout Wild Card loss in Green Bay if Marshall had been a Giant last season. Marshall, appearing on the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” Thursday, was asked if the regrettable Miami trip would have happened if Marshall had been a part of Big Blue.

“You know what? No, it doesn’t happen,” Marshall said immediately. “Well, I can’t say that. Everyone is different. But I would have been against that, and partly because of my pains, right? I’ve been in the league so long and I’ve never made the playoffs, so for me, I’m a guy … I’m in year 11 (in that scenario), and I’m all-in, because I know this opportunity doesn’t come around often. But then you have younger guys.”

“See, when I was younger, when I first got in the league, the first couple years, it was about me proving that I could play in the NFL,” Marshall said. “And then once you prove that, then it’s like, ‘Oh, you can make money’ … Then after that it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re supposed to win here, right?’ And that was the process for me. “So these guys are young, and they’re studs and they’ll get it,” Marshall continued. “But for me, I’m just at a different place in my life, so I would have been against it. But I don’t think it had anything to do with their performance on Sunday.”

Well the honeymoon was fun, wasn’t it? Okay I realize that this isn’t a typical Black Cloud Brandon quote and I still absolutely LOVE the signing. But can someone from the Giants PR team tell Marshall to give a couple of cliches or Eli dad jokes when the Boat Boyz come up in an interview? And if the TV or radio host keeps pushing the issue, can we give B-Marsh a parachute so he can jump out of the window of wherever they are doing the interview? Because the last thing Giants fans want to hear and the last thing I want to blog about is that motherfucking boat trip to Miami. That story ended once ODB punched the Lambeau Field wall and that story ended once that softie de Blasio sent spackle to the Packers like a fucking dickhead (I know this story will never end until Odell wins at the very least a playoff game). But now we get to hear everyone’s opinions about the boat trip again and wait for the inevitable weird ass cryptic message coming on Odell Beckham’s Instagram that may or may not be relevant. Nobody likes when the new guy at work that acts like everything would have been perfect if he was around

However lets never forget how fun the first 24 hours of the Brandon Marshall signing were.

But seriously, I still love the signing and think Marshall along with an upgrade at O-Line and tight end is exactly what Eli needs at this part of his career.