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Some Dickhead Poachers Snuck Into A French Zoo, Killed A Rhino, And Then Hacked Off One Of Its Horns With A Chainsaw

BBC- Keepers found Vince, a four-year-old white rhino, in his enclosure at Thoiry Zoo on Tuesday morning. One of his horns had been hacked off with a chainsaw, police said. The African rhino’s horn commands high prices on the black market, with about 100 killed every month in the wild. However, this is thought to be the first time poachers have targeted a rhino living in a European zoo.

Vince was shot three times in the head after poachers forced their way into the zoo overnight. They then took the horn – a kilo of which could fetch as much as $60,000 (£49,300). But the poachers appear to have been disturbed as his second – partially sawn – horn was left behind.

What a bunch of fucking cowards we have here. I’m by no means a crazy animal rights activist or anything. To be honest, I hate the fuck out of PETA and their kind. But this is some Grade A bullshit. If you want a rhino’s horn, you should have to earn it in a mano a mano fight. How are you going to beat a rhino in a fight? That’s a question for KFC Radio. But you shouldn’t be allowed to sneak into a zoo after hours and use a gun and a fucking CHAINSAW on the beast. I mean yes we are on top of the food pyramid and have created the technology to kill anything in the world. But at some point it’s just showing off. Plus Rhinos are awesome creatures. Basically mini, pseudo dinosaurs with armored skin and badass horns.

Which is why I am calling on the French to put a bounty on these poachers. And not just any bounty. The same $60,000 bounty that the horn goes for. Dead or alive. And not only that, but I want the noses of these poachers separated from their body just like they did to Vince. I don’t care if you need to recreate the chainsaw scene from Scarface in order to do it. I actually encourage it. Because if you kill a peaceful animal in his zoo enclosure, the eye-for-an-eye punishment should be in play every single time. Show me a backbone one time France and get this done!

And if you want to have a good cry or just get angry on a Tuesday afternoon , watch baby Vince after he was born in the Netherlands.