Mike Pence Used A Private AOL Email Account As Governor, Of Course Got Hacked By Someone Claiming Pence And His Wife Were Stranded In The Philippines


New York TimesSecurity experts said the use of a personal email account raised concerns about whether sensitive information was properly protected, given that such accounts are typically less secure than government ones.

The Star reported that Mr. Pence’s personal account was compromised over the summer by someone who sent an email to his contacts claiming that Mr. Pence and his wife were stranded in the Philippines and urgently needed money. Mr. Pence sent an email apologizing to those who had received the fake message and set up a new AOL account.

I miss AIM so much. I doubt that shit still exists or has anything to do with Mike Pence’s gubernatorial email activity but AIM game was THE essential skill to have to rack up make outs in high school (probably because I went to a boarding school and we didn’t drink we just soberly DM’d chicks all night. not all that different what what I do now but whatever. that’s not the point of this blog). The point of this blog is two fold.

First point, Mike Pence rocking a private AOL email account as governor of Indiana is incredible. Throw in all the Hillary hate for non-secure emails and servers and Pence is over here running the ship from fucking America Online.

(important to note, this is not illegal):

Vice President Mike Pence used a private email account to conduct public business when he was governor of Indiana, a practice that was legal but raised questions about the security of the communications, some of which addressed sensitive topics.

Mr. Pence used an AOL email account to communicate with top advisers on matters including the security gates at the governor’s residence and the state’s response to terrorist attacks across the globe, The Indianapolis Star reported Thursday night.

Probably should be illegal to use AOL not just as governor but as a person (sorry Nardini), but surprisingly it’s not. Weird move but also, legal move. Go Pence go.

Two, of course his AOL account got hacked by some dude claiming he and his wife were stranded in the Philippines and needed money. Duh. What other kind of emails and notes get sent via AOL? I thought Trent had an imposter when he started emailing me from a Yahoo account, but AOL? AOL makes Yahoo look like the fucking Matrix.

Again, none of this is illegal it’s just funny. Take Obama boy Rahm Emanuel for example:

Public officials’ using private email accounts is not a practice limited to Mr. Pence. The Chicago Tribune reported in December that Mayor Rahm Emanuel used personal email accounts, which allowed him to hide some of his government correspondence from the public.

Hadn’t blogged about emails in months and I was feeling nostalgic so that was talking email. Little throwback to election season. You’re welcome.

PS — No joke our new data guy (name: Big Data) was going to troll-hack Trent his first week on the job to prove how horrific our security and more specifically Yahoo Trent’s security was. Never went through with it tho. Sad.