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Austin And Doc Rivers Reaction Being Perfectly In Sync Is Absolutely Adorable!

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.42.14 AM

Just a father and son scene for the ages. I love these types of moments. Father and son getting upset with the ref at the same time which triggers the same type of outburst. Nature and nurture both on display in perfect harmony with each other. I bet when Doc sees this gif, he goes back to the locker room and has a nice little cry to himself.

Doc will pull up a chair in his office and watch the gif several dozen times and kinda choke back some laughing tears. He’ll shake his head as the viewing comes to a close and mutter under his breath, “Love that boy. Just kinda wish my name wasn’t Doc. I’m not even a doctor. Makes no sense.”

There’s the father and son version of looking alike which is adorable as hell and then there’s the twin brothers doing the exact same thing in celebration of a play. Twins are a bunch of freaks. Hey twins, sharing a uterus is weird.