Girl Suspended From Her North Carolina College Class For Debating The "Oops...Ouch" Policy For Offensive Speech

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In the video I challenge the “oops” and “ouch” method, used in my class. I disagree with the idea, and we discuss. Currently I’m suspended from attending class for dishonoring “student conduct,” which I understand. I’m a liberal, and I’m just disagreeing with the “call-out” culture. I want liberals to come together and focus and the macro, not the micro.

[Reddit] – Bearskillz – I don’t get what happened


I just challenged the idea of the “oops” and “ouch” method in class, and I recorded it. I go to a small liberal arts school that has a hard core PC culture, and a lot of people disagreed with this video, including the fact I took it (even though it’s legal in this state and not against any specific school policy that I’m aware of). It got back to the administration, and now I’m suspended for breaking “student conduct.” I do understand how it was a breach of classroom trust, though.

I hope all you mean internet people who leave comments and send tweets to us are paying very close attention because I’m seriously considering instituting this policy around Barstool. The Oops Ouch policy. If you say something hurtful that makes me say, Ouch! you have to say, Oops! That way we can keep things civil without anyone ever being offended because god forbid anyone ever hear anything that they don’t completely agree with. Sometimes you guys can be real dicks. Oops! Excuse me, sometimes *you people can be real hurtful.

I do love this girl standing up for herself by the way. Suspended for thinking debate is bad? Ouch!

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