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Indiana High School Team Wins State Championship Sectional On Full Court Buzzer Beater Off Missed Free Throw

EDINBURGH, Ind. (WTHR)The first night of the state basketball tournament is barely half over and things are already getting crazy.

After Arlington High School took a one-point lead with a free throw in the final second, Central Christian Academy senior Josh Clanton grabbed a rebound from a missed free throw and heaved it the length of the floor.

The shot hit nothing but net, giving the Chargers a 64-62 win.

Few things. One, it should literally be a criminal offense that the video stopped recording that early. Need to see more reaction. That’s the best part. I mean I obviously don’t blame the person filming for wanting to like…experience real life, and go celebrate or whatever. But come on man. We live on the internet around here. It’s every citizen’s responsibility to put the well-being of the internet ahead of their own IMO.

Two, I was going to say missing that free throw on purpose is the correct strategy, so all you can really do is throw your hands up and say welp, we got fucked. But watching the clip I’m like 99.5% sure he shot that for real trying to make it? In which case that’s a tough, tough sports moment to have to live with for the rest of your life.  No offense.

Just really sucks. Poor guy.