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Man Miraculously Finds The Only Object In The Entire Water To Destroy His Speedboat

Link to Vid

HOOPER! FULL THROTTLE! Assuming this guy didn’t wish to disintegrate his fun-sized vessel (which may be a big assumption), that is one of the most impressively incompetent feats I have ever witnessed. And that’s coming from someone who once saw his father place a bet on the 2011 Dream Team Eagles to go undefeated. There was nothing, NOTHING but clear waters ahead of this guy, and he still went face first into the sole wooden pole at the speed of light. It almost would’ve looked better on his part if he hit breached the beach at 1,000mph and see how far he could fly. Straight up GTA’ing that thing onto land would at least make it salvageable for later. That dingy ain’t floating anytime soon.

Whether it was on purpose or not, that impact was the truth. You don’t mess with getting sauced around on the water. Or you do and just laugh about it later, that is if your spine is still put together enough for laughter.