French President Hardly Flinches As Police Sharpshooter Accidentally Fires During Speech

What the hell’s wrong with the French? A damn sniper rifle goes off and no one flinches. No one makes a noise. The president barely even missed a beat in his speech. According to my translation he just said “hope that wasn’t too serious” then kept speaking. Who does that?


What a trainwreck that would be here. We’re experiencing full chaos if this goes down. Everyone’s screaming, diving, flailing in different directions before the bullet even hits its target. More people would’ve incurred life-threatening injuries from the reaction than from the rifle. Stepping on faces, smashing chairs, throwing children, anything to get away. ANYTHING. We cower and freak out when someone chewing gum blows a bubble — the French don’t bat an eye when a sniper rifle fires at a presidential speech. Amazing.

Fortunately it wasn’t too serious — just a couple non-life threatening injuries and the speech goes on. French went up a couple notches Riggsy’s book of international street cred.