Munenori Kawasaki Stars In Weird Commercial For Japanese Alcoholic Drink

I’ll be completely honest — I don’t know what the fuck is going on in this commercial. One second we’re drinking Japanese Four Lokos, the next second we’re ninjas cutting up bamboo with a katana, and end scene. I don’t understand it, but I want to buy the product. And that’s the point. You have my attention, and you will continue to have my attention as long as Munenori Kawasaki is being used in your marketing campaign strategy. I literally do not care what this guy is doing — I will watch it.

I will watch him sing:

I will watch him dance:


I will watch him flex:


And I will watch him get drunk:

By the way, has there ever been a more marketable, more electric, more lovable, more charismatic, more entertaining, more in-demand major league player who’s borderline not even a major league player? It’s incredible. I never want the Kawasaki train to stop.