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Giants Reportedly Slap The Franchise Tag On JPP

I am a little surprised that the Giants tagged JPP like this, but I was also surprised when he blew a couple of digits off on that fateful 4th of July. That’s the thing about Jason Pierre-Paul. You never quite know what you are going to get from him. He could be an absolute monster, he might get dinged up and miss a chunk of games. Hopefully the Giants can hammer out a deal that works for both sides. $17 million is a SHITLOAD of money for a team that already has Olivier Vernon in the 2nd year of an $85 million deal even though the Giants believe in building the defense on the backs of the guys up front. But if Big Blue can get JPP signed long term, somehow fit Jonathan Hankins under the cap, upgrade running back, improve the O-line, and replace Victor Cruz with a steady veteran, a Super Bowl run isn’t out of the question. At least that’s how I won the Super Bowl in Madden (nbd).

Also the Giants placing the franchise tag on a star they’ve groomed internally the same day the Knicks released Brandon Jennings and Joakim Noah’s season ended is all you need to know about the difference in success between these two teams.